Often referred to as a Room Attendant / Public Area Attendant, they work in a hotel, guesthouse, or resort for keeping rooms and other areas clean. This person makes sure that the hotel looks spick and span at all times. 

Housekeeping Attendant Job Description

You can adapt the below job description to your hotel culture and expectations for the role. Feel free to copy and edit it for your job post.

As a Housekeeping Attendant, you are responsible for cleaning hotel rooms, such as cleaning the bathroom and furniture, making the beds, changing the bed linen, replacing towels and amenities, and vacuuming the room. It is your duty to leave behind a clean hotel room for our guests. You may also be required to keep areas such as the restaurants/dining rooms, meeting rooms, staff offices, public toilets, corridors, and stairs spotless and dust-free. 


We are looking for someone who likes cleanliness, can work independently, and is ready to put in some elbow-grease.

What Are the Key Tasks / Responsibilities of a Housekeeping Attendant? 

  • Cleaning hotel rooms, bathrooms and other areas assigned to you.
  • Changing the bed linens and making the beds, adding other beds un request.   
  • Replacing amenities and towels regularly. 
  • Keeping account of items in the hotel room before check-in and after check-out.
  • Dusting the rooms and vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Making sure that all hygiene standards are met throughout the hotel.
What Skills Should a Housekeeping Attendant Have? 

The person in this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • Passionate about cleanliness.
  • Organised and independent.
  • Capable of following procedures and standards.
  • Awareness of health and safety standards.
  • Flexible, possessing a fair amount of physical strength.
  • Service-oriented approach and well-groomed appearance.

What Are the Typical Working Conditions of a Housekeeping Attendant?

A Housekeeping Attendant often works in shifts, including weekends and holidays. The tasks can often be physically demanding, are mostly performed on one’s feet and while wearing a uniform. 

Although the role can be taxing, bear in mind that many hotels offer training and development opportunities, boarding and lodging, and discounts to their Housekeeping Attendants. Ensure working conditions and benefits on your job post to give more clarity to possible candidates and attract the best profiles for the role.




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