A Sommelier is an expert in wines who works at a hotel, resort or restaurant. Also known as a Wine Waiter or Restaurant Sommelier, their job is to suggest which wine pairs well with a particular dish.  They buy wines, update the wine card and help with setting prices.  A Sommelier also manages the wine cellar.

Sommelier Job Description

You can adapt the below job description to your hotel / restaurant culture and expectations for the role. Feel free to copy and edit it for your job post.

As our Sommelier, you’ll be the one to suggest if a Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with a steak or if a Pinot Noir pairs well with duck breast. We’re looking for a customer-focused individual with a vast knowledge of wine textures, qualities and varieties.


You will help us stock wines, maintain a wine card and recommend the price per glass / bottle. As a Sommelier, you will also guide guests on choosing their wines from the card and give them additional information. We seek someone approachable, eager to learn and with a flair for sales who makes sure that all our wines appeal to guests. 

What Are the Key Tasks / Responsibilities of a Sommelier? 

  • Advising the Head Chef on wine and food pairings.
  • Developing and maintaining the wine card.
  • Advising and guiding guests on their wine choice.
  • Taking orders from and serving wine to guests.
  • Organising wine tastings for guests.
  • Giving additional information regarding the differences in grapes, regions, classifications and vintage. 
  • Selecting and purchasing wines from suppliers and vineyards.
  • Managing the wine cellar by ensuring it is clean, well-stocked and at the right temperature. 
  •  Managing the wine card based on guest satisfaction and making adjustments where necessary.
  • Controlling and analysing the quality of the wines on offer.

What Skills Should a Sommelier Have? 

The person in this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • Extensive knowledge of different wines, flavours, qualities and food pairings. 
  • Friendly and customer-focused mindset.
  •  Skilled in selecting, serving and pouring wine.
  • Fluency in foreign languages (depending on the restaurant guests and location)
  • Possess exceptional relationship management skills.
  • Regularly maintain the wine cellar.
  • Some knowledge of upselling at the table to meet wine sales targets.
  • Creative and eager to learn about wine industry trends and developments.
  • Well-groomed appearance.

What Are the Typical Working Conditions of a Sommelier?

This role can be physically demanding and requires being on one's feet for long hours. Sommeliers must often restock shelves, unpack boxes and contribute to other manual labour. Shifts can be full-time or part-time, depending on the opening hours of each facility. 

Apart from career development opportunities, keep in mind that many restaurants provide training, discounts and meals to their Sommeliers. Make sure to include working conditions and benefits on your job post to give more clarity to possible candidates and to attract the best profiles for the role.




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