A Bartender is a front of house role for the bar area in hotels, restaurants and resorts. They know how to suggest, mix and serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to guests and are also known as a Barman, Bar Keeper and Bar Staff. 

The person in this role creates an instantly relaxed atmosphere, while putting on a show every time they prepare a beverage. Their creativity and willingness to experiment with drinks and combinations brings guests satisfaction.  This job also includes keeping the bar area clean and tidy at all times.

Bartender Job Description

You can adapt the below job description to your hotel / restaurant culture and expectations for the role. Feel free to copy and edit it for your job post.

As our star Bartender truly masters the preparation of a Mojito, Caipirinha, Daiquiri and more. You make sure that our guests enjoy their drinks with your friendliness and entertaining character.  Weddings, corporate parties or any other event, you know how to put on a show when preparing drinks and have guests coming back for more.


We’re looking for a talented, hospitable and enthusiastic person who shares an interest in food, cocktails, beer and wine, and never misses an opportunity to engage with guests.


What Are the Key Tasks / Responsibilities of a Bartender? 

  • Setting up the mise en place at the bar, checking ingredient stocks and refilling snack and drink coolers.
  • Explaining the compositions of cocktails and other drink flavours to guests.
  • Submitting orders to suppliers in a timely manner.
  • Using a great skill set and tested recipes for mixing drinks.  
  • Mesmerising our guests by making delicious drink combinations with their favourite ingredients.
  • Multitasking by shaking cocktails, making coffee, serving wines and entertaining guests at the same time.
  • Being firm yet polite with difficult customers in order to resolve complaints and issues swiftly.

What Skills Should a Bartender Have? 

The person in this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • A well-groomed appearance.
  • Excellent knowledge of and affinity with cocktails, spirits, mixers and other ingredients used.
  • A hospitable and service-oriented personality.
  • Strong teamwork capabilities and listening skills.
  • Polite and helpful behaviour, especially when resolving guest complaints.
  • Willingness to experiment, learn and receive feedback.
  • Fluency in 1-2 foreign languages.

What Are the Typical Working Conditions of a Bartender?

This role requires lots of energy for preparing drinks and being on one's feet for long hours. Dealing with difficult customers at times may require a firm yet polite stance. Shifts can be full-time or part-time, depending on the opening hours of each facility. 

Apart from career development opportunities, keep in mind that many hotels, resorts and bars provide meals, vouchers and other perks to their Bartenders. Be sure to include working conditions and benefits on your job post to give more clarity to possible candidates and to attract the best profiles for the role. 




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