This job description will help you understand the role of a Waiter / Waitress to hire the best person for the job! Use it whenever you need it to write a clear and attractive job post. 

A Waiter / Waitress works in restaurants, bars and hotels to serve guests. It is a customer-facing role which is also known as an Event Server or Wait Staff.

The person in this role takes and serves food and drink orders, and helps with cleaning tables and other areas. They also bring guests their cheque at the end of the meal and make sure payments are completed.  A Waiter/ Waitress can leave a lasting impression on guests with their friendliness and attention to detail.

Waiter / Waitress Job Description

You can adapt the below job description to your hotel / restaurant culture and expectations for the role. Feel free to copy and edit it for your job post.

As a Waiter / Waitress, you love serving guests and making them feel special with your smile and attitude. You are a customer-oriented and attentive person who knows how to exceed guest expectations and resolve complaints swiftly and correctly.  


The person in this role will be responsible for taking orders from and serving food to guests by paying attention to their requests. You know how to recommend the specials of the day and drinks that are on offer with flair. We are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and hospitable person who serves with care, leaves everything tidy and gives guests a great dining experience with their smile.  

What Are the Key Tasks / Responsibilities of a Waiter / Waitress? 

  • Taking orders from and serving food and drinks to guests, based on guidelines and procedures.
  • Providing information on the menu and wine list, and passing on orders to the kitchen.
  • Answering guests correctly and kindly to resolve any complaint or doubt.
  • Clearing and removing used crockery and cutlery and preparing the table for the next guest or meal.  
  • Uncorking bottles, restocking drinks and food dispensers and polishing glasses as needed.
  • Carrying out cleaning activities in the restaurant and other areas.
  • Working closely with colleagues and restaurant / hotel management. 
  • Complying with rules on workplace and personal hygiene and food presentation methods.

What Skills Should a Waiter / Waitress Have? 

The person in this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • Strong teamwork capabilities and listening skills.
  • Friendly and well-groomed appearance.
  • Flexible, approachable and stress-resistant.
  • Polite and helpful when resolving guest complaints.
  • Willingness to learn and receive feedback.
  • Fluency in 1-2 foreign languages (depending on location)

What Are the Typical Working Conditions of a Waiter / Waitress?

This role requires a lot of energy for serving, cleaning up and standing on one's feet for long hours. Dealing with unhappy customers at times is also part of it. Shifts can be full-time or part-time, depending on the opening hours of each facility. 

Apart from the growth opportunities, keep in mind that many hotels, bars and restaurants provide training and development and meals to their Waiters / Waitresses. Be sure to include working conditions and benefits on your job post to give more clarity to possible candidates and to attract the best profiles for the role.




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