Bulletproof Your Hospitality Job Post

There are many improvements recruiters can make to their recruitment process that will help attract candidates who are a proper fit for their openings. Some of these improvements may be more difficult to implement than others.

But, one of the most important areas for companies to improve is with their job posts. 

After all, this is most often a company’s first point of contact with candidates. This is your chance to sell the position and the company’s core value to potential recruits so it’s important to make a good and clear first impression

Last year, we surveyed over 1,000 members from the Hosco platform for our Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry report in order to see what they want to know about a company before they apply for a position. This helped us find some potential pain points to improve upon. 


What Can You Do to Improve Job Posts and Attract the Right Talent?

We know improving the recruitment process can be challenging but, don’t worry, refining your job posting is a relatively easy fix.

From being more transparent about salaries to clearly communicating working conditions and what it’s like to work for your company, we’ve identified a few key things you can do to attract better talent.

Be More Transparent About Salary 

The Hosco members we surveyed (17%) made it clear that transparency about salary is the most important factor when looking at a job post.

Jobs in the hospitality industry have a reputation for paying low wages. Now, many companies are starting to pay more in order to attract job seekers. A great way to counteract this reputation is to be more honest about what the salary for the position will be. If your company has recently bumped up their pay scales, then it could give you a competitive advantage to highlight this.

If you leave out the salary details, that could cause candidates to be suspicious. But being as transparent as possible will help you find the right profile for the position. At the very least, you should include a salary range so candidates have a clearer idea if the role is right for them.

Discuss the Working Environment and Facilities

Even though it’s important to include in-depth information about the details of the job and what it's like on a daily basis, there's more to include to help sell the role.

15% of Hosco members agree that where a job is located, is a very important detail. Including this information will help you narrow down the search to candidates within a reasonable traveling distance from your place of work. This gives job seekers the opportunity to decide if the commute makes sense for them.

Discussing the work environment also gives you the chance to brag. Is your restaurant in a gorgeous location and has a state-of-the-art kitchen that is a professional chef’s dream? Include it in the job post!

Talk About Your Company’s Culture

As a younger generation enters the workforce, hospitality recruiters must find new ways to attract modern job seekers to the industry. The Hosco members we surveyed (14%) said they want to learn about a company’s culture before they apply.

Talking about your company's culture in a job post is a great way to communicate your values to potential candidates. If you have family-style staff meals at the end of a shift in order to build community or fun staff team-building retreats, include it in the job posting.

These extra details about the company can help you attract candidates who care about more than just the bottom line of the paycheck and are looking to work for a company with values.

Opportunities to Learn

Some of our survey respondents (11%) told us that being able to learn new things on the job is important to them.

No matter the industry, an attractive proposition to many modern workers is the ability to build and develop their professional skills. This is especially true in hospitality, where having the right combination of hard and soft skills can help you grow your career quickly and move throughout the different sectors of the hospitality industry.

Offering learning opportunities is a great way to attract candidates who are serious about their professional development and want to make the most out of their career. 

If you are looking for an easy way to offer continuous education to your employees, Hosco Learning powered by Lobster Ink solutions is a great place to start.

Mention a Growth Path

This one is simple but important. 12% of the members we surveyed said a path for professional growth is crucial. 

No matter what level of position you are hiring for, the candidate likely already has the next level of their career path in mind. So, if the position has the potential to turn into more than just the current role, you should mention that in the description.

Candidates will be much more attracted to companies and job postings if they see that there is room for growth and a clear way to move up the ranks in your organization.

If you’d like to find out more about what we learned from our survey of more than 1,000 Hosco members, download the Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry report today. It’ll give you all the data you need to improve your recruitment process and find the perfect candidate for your open roles.