For decades, the travel and tourism industry has been a main driver of the global economy, supporting 1 out of 10 jobs worldwide (WTTC). And the global crisis caused by COVID-19 put 120 million direct tourism jobs at risk (UNWTO).

Hospitality professionals had to find opportunities in other sectors as many found themselves jobless for months, with many more out of work for over a year. Now that most businesses in our industry are in the process of reopening, they face a talent shortage challenge.

To help the reactivation of the industry and recovery of its workforce, Hosco conducted an extensive survey for the report ‘Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry.’ 1,317 hospitality talent, from students to senior professionals, answered an in-depth questionnaire that covered different aspects from their willingness to come back to the industry, to their professional interests and motivations when applying for a new job.

The Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry survey took place between 20 and 31 May 2021.




What Data Will You Find in Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

  1. Survey Demographics: Career Level, Job Status, Origin 
  2. COVID-19 Impact on Hospitality Workforce
  3. COVID-19 Impact on the Different Career Levels
  4. Job Seekers Interest in Hospitality and Non-hospitality Jobs
  5. Talent Willingness to Work Again in Hospitality Once It Recovers
  6. Key Drivers of Job Applications
  7. Candidates' Main Frustrations
  8. How Job Seekers Prepare for a Job Interview
  9. How to Boost Talent Attraction and Engagement
  10. Outlooks: Highlights, Lowlights, and Final Overview
  11. Useful Resources: Articles and Guides to Help You Achieve Your Recruitment Goals

How Will Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry Help You?

Hosco’s report 'Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry’* offers an overview of how the hospitality workforce feels about going back to the industry. From their willingness to rejoin the sector, to what they give importance to when applying for a new job, our report can help you reframe your recruitment and employer branding strategies to attract and engage the best possible talent for your company.


*The report 'Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry, June 2021' covers, in general terms, the impact COVID-19 has had on the hospitality workforce. We advise you to obtain professional guidance before acting or changing your recruitment plan based on this report's content. Hosco accepts no liability for any measures taken or ceased as a result of any information provided in the report 'Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry, June 2021.'