Are you tired of being unable to find suitable candidates for your hotel business? Or do you find it particularly hard to narrow down your candidate search, often wishing the filter process could be faster and more targeted to hospitality? This is a common dilemma: According to BBC Worklife, hiring typically has time-consuming logistics, and the average time to hire is approx. 41 days per vacancy. This metric indicates that screening candidate profiles and CVs, interviewing candidates, and scheduling follow-up interviews can be tedious. 

And while there are plenty of reasons for hiring delays to occur, searching for candidates on underequipped recruitment platforms can increase your hiring time significantly. Most recruitment platforms allow you to search for and segment candidates based on their skills, education and work experience. But hospitality jobs differ greatly from corporate or start-up roles, and the job-related nuances aren’t taken into account on those platforms. Would you like a way to find and filter candidates based on their specific hospitality work experiences e.g., fine dining, island, or experience in countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)? 

Consider your prayers answered! Now you can quickly find and shortlist talented candidates on Hosco’s hiring platform thanks to our advanced hospitality candidate search filters. Read this article to see which filters have been added to our platform and how you can use them. We guarantee they’ll increase the speed at which you conduct talent search, and, more importantly, the quality of your hires! 


Why Hosco Updated and Improved its Hiring Platform 

Our recruitment platform was created to help you reduce your time-to-hire by directly connecting you with global candidates and hospitality schools. While the existing features on Hosco enabled you to find great candidates with a click of a button and build a talent pipeline, we believe you deserve more. So, we’ve tweaked our platform with the help of extensive client feedback to make hospitality hiring on Hosco more user-friendly. 

Keep reading to find out about the improvements made to our member directory, and the advanced filters, such as: hospitality education, hospitality experience, island experience; GCC experience; upscale hotel experience; Michelin star experience; Europe experience. 


Hosco’s Improved Member Search Directory: A Quick Overview 

When logging in to search for candidates on our hospitality hiring platform, the first thing you’ll see is our member search directory (depicted below). This is where you must indicate the current job title, relevant keywords, work permit, languages, experience, and seniority level required. Once you click search, you’ll be presented with candidates who match your criteria.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 15.28.29

Here are the improvements we’ve made to 4 of the member search fields depicted above:

  • Current job title:  This improved filter allows you to find candidates based on their current and previous job title, as opposed to showing members who’d worked in that role many years ago.  
  • Location:  This field previously allowed multi-selection. It has now been changed to single-selection only to help you find candidates working in one specific country. 
  • Experience: Just like location, even this department-related field previously allowed multi-selection. It has now been changed to single-selection only to help you find candidates working in one specific department. 
  • Active job seeker: We’ve also added a slider button at the bottom of our member search directory, where you can indicate that you’re only looking for active job seekers. Clicking this button will illustrate candidates who’ve been actively looking for jobs in the last 7-30 days.

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Advanced Candidate Search Filters for the Hospitality Industry

Right below the primary search data are three advanced filters, such as: 

  • Work permit: this filter allows you to indicate if the candidates must possess an EU or UK work permit. 
  • Candidate type: Here’s where you can choose between students or professionals. 
  • Career Highlights: This filter allows you to select multiple options, such as:  Hospitality education, Hospitality experience, Island experience, Upscale experience, GCC experience, Michelin Experience, and Europe experience. Anyone with at least 2 months of experience in any of these areas will show up in the candidate search when you select these boxes. 

Candidate Search Filter 1: Hospitality Experience

Though Hosco’s platform primarily targets hospitality professionals, candidates may have various (non-hospitality) backgrounds too. This filter will help you find candidates with hospitality experience, ensuring your hotel business gets what it needs in terms of skills. Click on “Career Highlights ” and tick the “hospitality experience” option from the drop-down menu to find these candidates. 

Candidate Search Filter 2: Hospitality Education

Not all candidates on our platform have studied at hospitality schools, and may come from other non-traditional educational backgrounds. This filter will help you find candidates who have specifically attended hospitality institutions from all over the world. Click on “Career Highlights ” and tick the “hospitality education” option from the drop-down menu to find these candidates. 

Candidate Search Filter 3: Michelin Star Experience

Michelin star experience holds great significance in the hospitality industry as it signifies exceptional culinary mastery and service quality. People working in these establishments are often highly skilled, dedicated, and possess a deep understanding of fine dining and attention to detail, setting them apart from employees in other hospitality establishments. Their experience reflects a commitment to excellence and the ability to deliver an exceptional dining experience to guests. The Michelin star experience filter on Hosco’s hiring platform allows you to specifically target candidates with this prestigious background, saving you time and effort in training. Click on “Career Highlights ” and tick the “Michelin experience” option from the drop-down menu to find these candidates. 

Candidate Search Filter 4: Upscale Hotel Experience

Upscale hotel experience is highly sought after in the hospitality industry, as it reflects a deep understanding of luxury service and an ability to maintain high standards. Candidates with upscale experience tend to hone their customer service skills, possess excellent attention to detail, and understand the expectations of discerning guests. The upscale experience filter on Hosco allows you to target candidates who have worked in prestigious upscale establishments globally. The "upscale hotel experience" option is listed under the “Career Highlights ” filter. Click it to see a list of identified professionals who are accustomed to delivering top-notch service and elevating the guest experience.

Candidate Search Filter 5: Island Experience

Hospitality roles in island destinations come with distinct challenges and requirements. Candidates who work there know that disruptions due to the weather, limited resources due to seasons, and working in isolation are the norm. They also tend to have knowledge of local attractions and a strong ability to cater to diverse clientele, besides being highly adaptable and resilient. Our island experience filter lets you find candidates who have worked in these unique settings. Simply select the "island experience" option under “Career Highlights ” to find professionals who possess the skills to handle the dynamics of island hospitality.  

Candidate Search Filter 6: GCC Experience

The GCC region is known for its unique demands and cultural nuances. Candidates with GCC experience tend to possess a deep understanding of local Arab customs, extensive command of foreign languages, and knowledge of market dynamics. They excel in catering to the diverse needs of clientele in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Hosco's hiring platform includes a GCC experience filter, allowing you to specifically target candidates with this valuable background. By selecting the "GCC experience" option under “Career Highlights ”, you can find skilled professionals who bring the expertise needed to thrive in this region, ensuring a seamless transition for your business.

Candidate Search Filter 7: Europe Experience

The European hospitality market is known for its diversity and culinary excellence. Employees with European work experience bring exposure to various cuisines, multicultural work environments, and international best practices. Hosco's Europe experience filter enables you to find candidates with relevant European experience. By selecting the "Europe experience" option, you’ll find professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge and skills gained from working in different European destinations. Their cross-cultural competence and understanding of diverse guest preferences make them valuable assets to any hospitality establishment.

See Candidate Experience on Their Profile Through Badges

Once you find the candidates based on your requirements and filters, you will see that each candidate has a badge with the Career highlights listed on their candidate profile as well, for example:

EN - New filters

Reuse Your Search Results With the Help of Saved Searches 

Nothing is as annoying as having to start a search from scratch, especially when your previous candidate search yielded the right results. You can save each candidate search by saving it and giving it a name in our system, and easily go back to it on your dashboard.


Start Hiring on Hosco! 

At Hosco, we know that finding top-notch talent is crucial in the hospitality industry, as talent quality directly impacts your customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and business success. 

With these specialised talent search filters, you can leverage the distinctive expertise and experiences of candidates with Michelin star, GCC, island, upscale, and EU backgrounds. Moreover, you can easily target candidates with specific backgrounds and skills, ensuring a more efficient and effective recruitment process. We invite you to find top-tier talent that aligns with your hospitality business' goals on Hosco! 

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