By now, hospitality recruiters are fully aware that the industry is facing its biggest staffing shortage in modern history. 

To help get to the bottom of this issue, Hosco surveyed over 1,000 members from our platform. We wanted to find out more about their experiences and how they perceive hospitality. 

The insight we’ve gained allows us to provide some clear data that should be useful when you are trying to recruit or retain talent.

As a sneak peek of what's included in our full Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry report, we’d like to highlight the five most common frustrations candidates have during the recruitment process.


What are the most frustrating mistakes made by hospitality recruiters?

Not responding to a candidate's application

Far and away, the most frustrating thing for many candidates (21%) is hearing nothing back once they’ve submitted their application.

Getting no response at all leaves people frustrated because they may not even be sure that they submitted the application correctly.

Hosco’s candidate management system can help solve this problem. 

It allows you to promptly reply to any and all applicants via an automated response system. Candidates will receive a message after applying for a role, as well as when you review or reject their application.

Not making contact after an interview

The next biggest thing frustrating Hosco members (20%) is a cousin to the previous entry.

Not hearing back from an employer once you’ve had an interview can be devastating. It leaves candidates feeling disheartened and guessing what went wrong. 

Even if you’re not planning on hiring someone after you’ve interviewed them, it’s a professional courtesy to reach out and let them know you’ve gone with another candidate. 

You could also include some feedback as to why you made your decision which could help candidates in their next interview process. This feedback might encourage them to stay in the industry and help retain talent during a historic staffing shortage.

Using Hosco’s candidate management system, you’re able to contact people after an interview to inform them of your decision and give feedback as you see fit. 

You also have the ability to create and save a template that allows you to contact someone after an interview with much less hassle.

A lack of transparency

Another sore spot for candidates (16%) is a lack of transparency regarding salary, working hours, conditions, and benefits.

From the job description to the interview process, it’s important to be upfront with candidates about the realities of the position and the compensation package. 

When using Hosco to find talent, we encourage you to include as much of this information as possible when you post a job description. Being upfront about these details will save you from wasting time, help you find a candidate that fits the profile, and, in the long run, reduce churn. 

The application process is too much of a hassle

Many of the Hosco members (10%) we talked to said that being required to register for each company’s website or forced to provide details multiple times was a primary frustration.

Hosco removes this problem by making it possible for candidates to save their CV and other important information to their profile so they don’t have to fill in every application manually. 

You also have the choice to toggle on our ‘easy apply’ function. This allows candidates to apply for jobs directly from the Hosco platform without being redirected to a third-party website.

These features make applying for open jobs easier and make the initial application process far less painful and time-consuming.

You’re posting your jobs in overcrowded places

The last major frustration we heard about from our Hosco members (8%) was finding the perfect job posting for their background only to find that there are already hundreds of applicants.

By posting your jobs on Hosco, you can avoid this issue. Hosco specializes in hospitality so we have high-quality candidates with years of experience ready to make an impact at your company.

This specialization allows us to focus solely on hospitality so we can connect highly competent candidates with high-quality jobs in our corner of the recruitment world. 

When using Hosco, you can dig through our member directory using a number of filters to help you narrow your search and make it easier to find a candidate with the right profile for the role.

So, if you want to gain more insight into what we learned from our Hosco members, then don’t hesitate to download the Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry report today. It’ll give you all the data you need to improve your recruitment process.