Whether you’re looking to open or relaunch your hotel or restaurant business this year, you will require optimal and quick staffing solutions. And mass hiring, often referred to as ‘bulk-hiring,’ ‘high volume recruitment,’ or ‘mass recruitment,’ is an excellent option, as it allows your company to find the best candidates in a short timeframe.

Unlike regular hiring efforts, mass hiring requires meticulous planning and different recruitment strategies for preparation and execution. If done well, it can produce the best results for your hospitality business – follow our guide to developing a successful mass hiring plan to find the best talent for your (re) launch faster without compromising talent quality and your company culture.

What Should a Mass Hiring Plan Include for a Hospitality Business Launch or Reopening?

Hiring candidates in large quantities doesn’t mean that you need to forgo quality, as long as you have a solid recruitment or hiring plan in place. Think of it as a roadmap for adding members to your team. It should cover all the positions you’ll need, the qualities the candidates must possess, and how you plan to source and hire them.

Ideally, a mass hiring plan for reopening or launching a hospitality business must consist of:

  • A Large-Scaled Needs Assessment: Analysing and understanding how many jobs you need to fill is an essential part of your relaunch. These must be followed by high-priority positions, including the key selection criteria per role.

  • A Thorough Understanding of the Job Market: Does the local job market offer the talent you need? Will you provide training on the job? Or is it preferable to hire skilled workers (perhaps from abroad)?

  • An Achievable Timeline: Creating a realistic yet short timeline will allow you to set your mass hiring goals accordingly and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

    Hosco’s expertise and industry knowledge can guide you through your demand planning, job market insights, and timeline setting with ease!
  • Eye-Catching Job Descriptions: Be sure to craft job descriptions that are inviting, short and sweet, mobile-friendly, and easily shareable.

    Our expert recruitment team at Hosco can help you draft and translate beautiful job descriptions that are both time-saving and targeted!
  • Multiple Options for Candidate Sourcing: Sourcing from one place only is probably not going to get you a big talent pool in a short time. Whether you’re going to hire online or offline or a combination of both, choosing the right sources is critical.

    Hosco’s mass hiring solutions can get your job posting seen both online and offline by sharing them on the network and at hospitality schools' recruitment days.
  • Integrated Technology for Screening Candidates: Since time is a key component here, weeding out unsuitable candidates is best done with the help of technology and recruitment expertise.

    This is where Hosco’s recruitment software and consultants can pre-select candidates for you to meet.
  • Interview Logistics and Planning: Getting the interview planning and logistics right is crucial to meet hiring deadlines and help give candidates a good impression of your company from the start.

    This administrative task is often time-consuming, but you can leave it to Hosco as well! We confirm candidates, schedule hiring assessments, and even send interview reminders!

7 Best Practices a Recruiter Conducting Mass Hiring Should Follow

1. Take Cultural Aspects Into Account: Some mass hiring plans fail because hiring managers forget to take culture into account. An excellent way to navigate this is by considering how your hospitality company defines success. What are the values that are important for your hospitality business? Looking within your teams for members who demonstrate these values can help you make a quick list.

Don’t forget to communicate your culture from social media to your job postings, screening processes, and interviews to attract the ideal candidates.

2. Focus on Diversity and Inclusion: According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an essential factor when seeking jobs. Not focusing on Diversity and Inclusion in your mass hiring efforts could make you lose valuable applicants.

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3. Communicate at Every Step: Keeping candidates in the loop at every step in the mass hiring process is important to build their trust. If you promise to get back to them within a week, be sure to meet that commitment. Don’t forget to do the same with hiring managers, senior-level management, and current employees to keep them abreast of new team members. Communicating also helps with keeping new hires engaged.

4. Plan Training and Onboarding Processes Well in Advance: Creating a targeted candidate experience makes applicants excited about working for you. Planning it ahead of time will ensure that you have a structured and efficient process. Sorting new hires into onboarding groups and regularly checking in on their progress is highly recommended.

5. Include Existing Employees: Current employees can be the best advocates for reaching new hires. Include them in the hiring process by asking for workplace reviews on social media as ambassadors and offering referral bonuses.

6. Mitigate Hiring Bias: Bias in mass hiring is a big risk. Be sure to mitigate it by training your team on everyday bias awareness, creating standardized questions for each position, and basing hiring decisions on data, not assumptions.

7. Track Your Time to Hire: Measuring how long it takes to hire candidates will help you identify bottlenecks and make timely changes where necessary. Another thing to note is: the longer you take to hire, the higher the cost per hire will be, plus the chance of candidates losing interest gets higher as well.


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