The hospitality industry is experiencing a pivotal moment as it emerges from the challenges of the past years. Talent attraction and retention were already bottlenecks before the pandemic, and they continue to be a problem for the sector years later. Even though hospitality businesses have significantly adapted to technological advancements and changing customer preferences, many still struggle to adapt to the changes in staff and generational needs. 

It's been Hosco's goal to help you improve your hiring time, quality, and tools from the start. Our “2023 Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry Report” is an important resource to help you navigate this new landscape. It’s chock-full of insights on topics such as: talent attraction, compensation, and retention so that you can improve your workforce quality from the very beginning. 

How Did Hosco Collect Data for The 2023 Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry? 

This year, we surveyed 3,519 individuals across all hospitality career stages - from students to seasoned professionals - to discover their job motivations, career hurdles, and aspirations. 

They answered an in-depth online questionnaire that covered different aspects, such as: reasons for choosing the hospitality sector over others; bottlenecks when applying to jobs and during interviews; career mobility struggles; and preferences regarding professional development and job benefits. 

Responses were collected from 84 countries, with the leading talent locations being France, Italy, Spain, and the UAE, while the rest were living in other countries. 

The collected information underwent meticulous data analysis to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our findings. We then examined and categorised the responses, and sorted the results by theme. This process allowed us to get a clear and organised view of the key trends and patterns within the industry. 

The Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry Survey took place between 16 March and 15 April 2023. 


(Please note: this report is only available in English.)

Which Data Will You Find in the 2023 Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

  • Survey Demographics: Career and Education Level, Job Status, and Origins
  • Candidates’ Preferences When Choosing and Considering a Job 
  • Jobseekers’ Frustrations When Applying for Jobs 
  • Factors That Encourage Talent to Stay in Their Jobs 
  • Factors That Cause Talent to Quit Their Roles
  • Changes in Industry Perception and Talent Needs Post-Pandemic 
  • What Candidates Value in Their Education and Training Programs  
  • Candidates’ Willingness to Relocate and The Hurdles that Impact Mobility  
  • Hospitality Professionals’ Overall Challenges and Struggles
  • Hospitality Professionals’ Workplace Perceptions and Experiences
  • Advice for Employers, Schools and Governments 

How Will 2023 Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry Help Your Business?

This comprehensive report offers valuable insights for hospitality schools, HR managers, hotel GMs, hiring managers, and recruiters.

Our findings can help hospitality HR professionals revamp and diversify their recruitment approaches to attract and engage top talent. Moreover, hospitality educators and schools can use these findings to adapt their programs to talent’s learning needs, changing skill sets, and workplace challenges. 

By understanding the evolving needs and expectations of current and prospective employees, hospitality businesses can refine their workforce management, compensation, and learning & development strategies. This will ensure what you’re offering is in line with the desires of the talent pool and will help you position your business as an employer of choice.



(Please note: this report is only available in English.)

*The report 'Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry, October 2023' covers, in general terms, the preferences, struggles, and needs of the hospitality workforce and students. We advise you to obtain professional guidance before acting on or changing your recruitment plan based on this report's content. Hosco accepts no liability for any measures taken or ceased as a result of any information provided in the report 'Talent Trends in the Hospitality Industry, October 2023.'