To help hospitality employers effectively plan for their business future, Hosco has been conducting sentiment surveys focused on recruitment since the start of COVID-19. 

We call this survey Hospitality Pulse, and it gives you insights into the impact the pandemic has had and continues to have on the hospitality industry each quarter. The next edition, with Q3 insights, will go live in July 2021.

This report covers topics such as the extent summer season recruitment plans will be affected by the pandemic, and when hospitality companies expect to regain their pre-COVID team size, and much more.   

The responses come from hospitality HR specialists, business owners, and General Managers from the EMEA region. 

April's survey took place between the 13 and 30 April 2021. 


What Data Will You Find in April’s Hospitality Pulse?

April’s Hospitality Pulse examines the data obtained through the survey. You will find a comparison between the data from April and January 2021, allowing you to understand how hospitality employers’ expectations and hiring plans have changed over time. 

January's Hospitality Pulse showed that 41% of employers planned to take on new hires by the end of the first quarter of 2021. After the COVID-19 vaccination program has been active for a few months, how do their hiring plans look? Download April’s Hospitality Pulse to find out.

April’s Hospitality Pulse Questionnaire:

  • What are the key priorities for hospitality employers over the next quarter (Q2 2021)?
  • To what extent did COVID-19 affect their hiring plans for the spring and Easter break?
  • To what extent do they think COVID-19 will affect their hiring plans for the summer season?
  • When do companies expect to reach a normal headcount (pre-outbreak regular operations and team volume)?
  • When do employers plan or expect to hire again (interns, full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees)?

How Will Hospitality Pulse Help You?

Hospitality Pulse* offers an overview of how hospitality employers feel about industry recovery by understanding their hiring plans and expectations. We aim to provide you with an industry benchmark that helps you with your staffing strategy. 



*The Hospitality Pulse April 2021 report covers, in general terms, the impact COVID-19 has had on recruitment in the hospitality industry. We advise you to obtain professional guidance before acting or changing your action plan based on this report's content. Hosco accepts no liability for any measures taken or ceased as a result of any information provided in Hospitality Pulse.